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> Duofold Centennial Silver Snake

Here we have a quite-rare mint but inked Parker Duofold Silver Snake cartridge or converter-fill fountain pen in black with a hallmarked silver entwined overlay; the pen has a medium grade 18ct gold platinum-plated nib; the pen has not been used. This pen comes in its original box with all the original paperwork and bits including the original shop receipt. I would have thought an investment if ever there was one. The silver on this pen is a bit tarnished but I don't intend to clean it.

The reason this one has been inked is because I had a call from someone looking for this model pen and it turned out he was quite local; I invited him round and he was full of enthusiasm and got out has cash; then he asked if he could try it and I pointed out that this was really a collectors piece and if he tried it he would have to buy it coz it would no longer be mint; he assured me he was going to buy it so I got out the ink and he wrote a few words then said he didn't like the way it wrote and didn't want it; I was flabergasted and escorted him off the premises, quickly!